Suhail Bahwan Group Celebrates 45th National Day with Joy and Pride

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman - 19 November 2015.

Sheikh Suhail Bahwan joins SBGH employees to greet His Majesty on the grand occasion

Suhail Bahwan Group's employees celebrated the glorious occasion of the Sultanate's 45th National Day, with great joy and pride. Sheikh Suhail Salim Bahwan, the founding father and the chairman of the Group along with Ms. Amal Suhail Bahwan, the Group's Managing Director and Board member and Omani employees, gathered at the foyer of the Group's headquarters Al Rawaq in Qurum and greeted to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, wishing him long and healthy life and peace and prosperity to Oman and its people.

Sheikh Suhail Bahwan also cut a symbolic cake carrying the logo of the 45th National Day, to celebrate the grand occasion.

The grand foyer area of Al Rawaq building was brightly decorated with mega-size national flags and balloons of red, white and green colours rendering a festive atmosphere, with all employees wearing the national colour scarves. Later Ms. Amal Suhail Bahwan visited the divisions and companies under the group located at Al Rawaq and wished all other employees on the occasion of celebrating 45th National Day.