Bahwan Projects & Telecoms Showcases State-of-the-art Equipment at the Oman Geospatial Expo

Dec 15, 2013 - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Bahwan Projects & Telecoms [BPT], one of the flagship companies of Suhail Bahwan Group and the exclusive distributor of Swiss-based surveying solutions company Leica Geosystems in the Sultanate, showcased its sophisticated geospatial equipment at the Geospatial Expo held at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel.

The line of instruments on display included Leica TM30 Monitoring Sensor, GeoMoS Automatic Deformation Monitoring Software, Leica FlexLine TS06plus and a host of other products.

Representatives from oil and gas companies, various ministries, defence establishments, power and telecom companies, survey agencies, highways & transport authorities, national remote sensing agencies, survey authorities and cartographic centres, civil aviation authorities and geological & metrological departments visited the BPT stall and keenly watched the product demonstration.

Mr. Yasser Mohammed Kheir, General Manager Bahwan Projects and Telecoms said, "Geospatial technology has become an important part of several sectors today and is being applied in most developmental projects across the Sultanate. Bahwan projects and Telecoms, with its years of expertise and experience in executing turnkey projects in the Sultanate, has brought the latest in geospatial technology with a range of products from Leica Geo Systems keeping abreast of the latest developments. This would not only ensure that the present day requirements are adequately met but also make sure that the future potential and requirements are well taken care of. "

BPT showcased Leica TM30 Sensor equipment that helps in minimizing risks associated with large construction projects such as roads, dams, tunnels, bridges, construction sites and high-rise buildings.

The Leica GeoMoS Deformation Monitoring Software displayed at the expo monitors the movement of volcanic slope, the structure of a long bridge or track the settlement of a dam.
Also on display was the Leica FlexLine TS06plus Manual Total Station that is ideal for many daily surveying tasks, especially for mid- to high-accuracy applications such as gathering the coordinates of a bridge or a tunnel, surveying a parcel of land or objects on a construction site and determining measured points on facades or in rooms.

Other equipment on display were Leica Nova MS50, the world's first Multistation that integrates 3Dpoint cloud measurements into a regular survey workflow, Leica ScanStation C10, which includes a high-accuracy/long-range scanner, tilt sensor and auto-adjusting video camera and laser plummet – all in one compact, portable instrument and Leica Viva GNSS [GS10 & GS15] integrated, modular solutions.