Bahwan Electronics Launches 'Raga Pearls' - An Exclusive Jewellery Watch Collection for Women from Titan

May 18, 2014 - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Bahwan Electronics, the exclusive distributor of Titan watches in the Sultanate of Oman, has launched a new range of exquisite luxury watch collection named �Raga Pearls' from renowned Indian watchmaker Titan. Exclusively meant for women, the aptly named twenty five jewellery watches are studded with high quality pearls enhanced with bespoke patterns and embellishments and that evoke beauty and intricacy.

With six sizzling designs viz., Nautilus, Perola, Amaris, Mabe, Hyacinth and Juvel, every watch in the Raga Pearls collection is a beautiful harmony of delicate craftsmanship and cultured pearls combining to create stunning impressions. This unique range celebrates the spontaneous spirit of women and is a symbol of the precious moments a woman experiences in her life.

A snapshot of the six exquisite designs:


consists of thirty pearl-encrusted spokes that recreate the spiral form of the shell as its rests on a beautiful pearl dial weaved into a mesh strap. Available in black and white pearls.


is a bracelet designed with a setting of twenty two irregular pearls. The MOP dial circled by the rose gold case, and the bracelet interspersed with white pearls create a picture of striking beauty. Available in black and white pearls.

The Amaris

pays homage to the eternal emotion of love, through its five pearls that ring the MOP dial. The center is impressed upon a half bangle frame, creating a look that is delicate and captivating. Available in black and white pearls.

Set in a distinctive oval shape encircling a MOP dial,

the Mabe

has 12 "half-moon" pearls on its strap and one embellishing its decorative casted ring. The dial has a honeycomb pattern that complements the free fall links interspersed with pearls in its strap. Available in black and white pearls.

Inspired by the flower,

the Hyacinth

has a floral ring casted on the hem of a MOP dial. Five petals inlaid with ten pearls overlook the center, enveloped in a half bangle bracelet. Available in bi-metal finish with white pearls.

The Juvel

is an extraordinary piece studded with twelve natural white pearls. Created with domed glass for a curved profile, the glass atop the dial resonates with the cabochon pearls that line its bangle form. Available in gold and steel finishes with white pearls.