Bahwan Building Materials organises seminar on the use of energy-efficient LED lighting

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman - 07 August 2016.

The lighting division of Bahwan Building Materials recently organised a seminar on LED international standards in association with its business partner Shreder Lighting. Organised as part of BBM's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, the seminar was attended by key decision makers from several ministries/municipalities and key infrastructure consultants in Oman.

Mr. Karim Boutaour, General Manager - Gulf region for Shreder and Mr. Trevor Leighton AMEA Regional Technical Officer for Shreder led the seminar.

Elaborating on the future of LED technology in lighting mega projects such a highways and large plants, Mr. Karim Boutaour said, "Lighting sector accounts roughly 25% of total energy consumption in the Middle East and the GCC market accounts for higher electrical usage than anywhere else in the world. Therefore planning is essential to conserve energy spending as wise as possible by using energy saving technologies. LED is highly energy efficient when compared to conventional light source as it uses less electricity for the same light output and has a longer lifetime.

Added Mr. Trevor Leighton, said, "Oman has almost a fifth of the roadway luminaire numbers for the whole of the GCC making it one of the most critical countries in the region to adopt LED. Oman Government are making impressive strides to set their standards and specifications to ensure that the country benefits from high quality, long life luminaires leading to significant reductions in electricity consumption."

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, Deputy General Manager, BBM said that the event was a big success as the participants showed keen interest in the vast growing LED technology and we are happy to act as consultants in the support of Oman governments.