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Headquartered in Dubai, Edutech provides learning solutions and services to pre-schools, schools, vocational institutes, universities, industrial training centers, corporates and governments. It offers an entire spectrum of physical and digital learning environments across classrooms, libraries, innovation centers, engineering laboratories, campuses, workspaces and beyond to make learning effective and engaging.


Edutech's solutions encompass hands-on and technology-based content for learning, credible information resources for research, and technologies that assess, deliver, manage and organize learning and information. These, along with its expertise in consultancy, implementation, application development, training and integration, provide a holistic solution that enhances knowledge, transforms talent and increases productivity and performance.

Leveraging its extensive industry knowledge, technology and product expertise, Edutech's R&D team – comprising of specialists in learning pedagogy, subject matter expertise, implementation methodology, emerging technologies and curriculum design – continuously work towards developing Next-Generation learning solutions.

Since 1991, Edutech has worked closely with its partners in implementing progressive solutions for the region's learning community that has directly contributed to educational reform programs, job creation and nationalization initiatives. Edutech is committed to its endeavor of scaling GCC region's educational systems to be on par with international standards.


  • Established in the year 1991.
  • Presence in seven countries [UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia].
  • By integrating technologies in the teaching process in Oman, around 50,000 learners have benefitted from 6 campuses.
  • 200,000 FTE [Full Time Equivalent] of learners have benefitted by implementing e-Learning platform for higher education in the GCC.

Edutech Middle East & Co. LLC

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