Our Philosophy & Values
The SBGH – What we believe
Ahlan Wa Sahlan
We welcome customers as guests in our own homes, making them feel special, seeking to understand and meet their expectations, acting as ambassadors of our company.
One Team, One Family
We believe in working together, building positive relationships, celebrating diversity in business and culture; respecting each other, contributing positively to the communities we live in.
Our Word is Our Bond
We believe in honest and open communication, doing the ‘right' thing, taking responsibility for our own actions, delivering as promised, on time, every time.
Our Company and Us
We are the face of our company, what we do and say and how we behave directly impacts our company. We are conscious of our company's reputation and its status.
Who we are
  • Inspired by the sea faring tradition of exploring new worlds… new horizons
  • Encouraged by endless opportunities… endless possibilities
  • Driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, professionalism and dedicated service
  • Persistent about customer satisfaction
  • Passionate about people and the quality of their lives
  • Committed to corporate citizenry and nation building
  • Suhail Bahwan Group…. innovative, contemporary, customer driven and caring.