October 22, 2014
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Sogex Oman

Sogex Oman plays an important and highly responsible role in the lives of many of Oman’s population.

SOGEX OMAN Started in Oman in 1971 as a small contracting firm and then contributed remarkably in the development of Sultanate of Oman to meet the challenge of rapid growth. SOGEX has grown within a short time into multinational group of companies located throughout the Middle East, Europe and in the United States.

SOGEX OMAN as a partnership company and one of SOGEX GROUP Companies continued its operations in Oman and participated in supply, construction and services of remarkable number of large projects covering different fields on turnkey basis such as Building and Civil construction, EPC (Engineering, AProcurement, Construction) Contractor for Power & Desalination Plants, Electrical Transmission Lines and Associated Sub-stations of Voltage level up and including 132 KV.

On November 15, 1984 Messrs. Bahwan Group of Companies has acquired the whole of SOGEX and renamed as SOGEX Oman Co. LLC and then all legal relations with SOGEX International were discontinued.

Certified & Awards

Sogex Oman Co. L.L.C. holding an excellent track records in Operation & Maintenance of Power & Water Desalination Plants over the period of thirty two (32 ) years.

● Sogex Oman Co. L.L.C. is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
● Sogex Oman Co. L.L.C. is a member of ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
● Winner of ROSPA Gold Award for Occupational Health and Safety.
● Winner of Hariri O&M Award in 2007 - issued by OMAINTEC
(Arab Institute of Operation & Maintenance)

Core Activities of Sogex Oman Co. L.L.C

Operation, Maintenance & Management of Power Generation & Sea Water Desalination Plants

● Sea Water Desalination Plants – RO, MSF & MED
● Water Transmission and Sea Water Intake System
● Sea Water Cooling System
● Sewage Treatment Plants
● Simple Cycle Steam & Gas Turbines
● Combined Cycle Steam & Gas Turbines
● Diesel Engine Power Plants

Project Operation Policy of Sogex Oman:

● Ensure high plant availability at all times.
● Ensure safe and reliable operations of plant equipment at all times.
● Follow up the international approved standards and management systems.
● Committed to maintain at all times high standard of Quality.
● Assure excellent performance at all times in all areas and fields of Operations.
● Development of Manpower resources to improve the Quality & Performance.
● Participates in regional and international conferences related to O&M fields.
● The new technology and the know-how gained shall be utilized to improve the Quality and Performance.
● Committed to implement the international HSE Rules, Regulations and Policies.
● Committed to maintain the project required insurances.


Sohar Power & Desalination Plant, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle) - 585 MW
MSF Desalination Capacity - 33 MIGPD
Term - 15 Years from April 2006
(Sogex Oman owns 10% in the Project as Co-Developer)

Manah Power Station – IPP, Nizwa – Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity (Simple Cycle) - 267 MW
Contract Term - From 1996 to 2020

Sohar Aluminum Smelter STP, (Sewage Treatment Plant), Sohar – Sultanate of Oman

Term - 1 Year from 1st June 2008

Arzew IWPP Power & Desalination Plant, Arzew, Algeria

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle) - 340 MW
MSF Plant Desalination Capacity - 20 MIGPD
Potable Water System

Koudiet Power Plant, Koudiet - Algeria

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle) - 1200 MW

Terga Power Plant, Terga – Algeria

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle) - 1200 MW

Shuaibah - III IWPP, Shuaibah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (110 KM from Jeddah)

Power Capacity (Crude Oil Firing) - 900 MW
MSF Desalination Capacity - 194 MIGPD
Term - 20 Years from July 2008

Shuaibah IWP Expansion, Shuaibah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(110 KM from South of Jeddah)
RO Desalination Capacity - 33 MIGPD
Term - 20 Years
Contract Signed - July 2007

Shuqaiq IWPP Power & Desalination Plant, Shuqaiq - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(100 KM from South Abha)
Power Capacity (Crude Oil Firing) - 800 MW
RO Desalination Capacity - 48 MIGPD
Term - 20 Years
Contract Signed - January 2007

Marafiq-I IWPP Power & Desalination Plant, Jubail - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle - Gas Firing) - 2760 MW
MED Desalination Capacity - 174 MIGPD
Term - 20 Years
Contract Signed - May 2007

Shuaiba Barge RO Desalination Plant, Shuaiba – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Water Capacity - 50000 Cu M/Day
Term - 36 Months from February 2008


Ghubrah Power & Desalination Plant, Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity - 541.8 MW
(Simple & Combined Cycle)
MSF Desalination Capacity - 42 MIGPD
Contract Term - From 1976 T0 2007

Fujairah Water & Power Plant, Fujairah, U.A.E.

Power Capacity (Combined Cycle) - 665 MW
MSF Sea Water Desalination Capacity - 62.5 MIGPD
RO Sea Water Desalination Capacity - 37.5 MIGPD
Potable Water System
Potable Water Transmission of Two Lines - Length 180 KM each and Diameter 64 inch along with Pumping Stations
From 15/03/2003 up to 03/06/2007
Term - Four Years Two Month (Completed)

Al Wadi Jizzi Power Station, Wadi Jizzi – Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity (Simple Cycle) - 309 MW
Contract Term - From 1998 T0 2004

Rusail Power Station, Rusail – Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity (Simple Cycle) - 719 MW
Contract Term - From 1983 T0 2000

Diesel Power Plants – Five Towns – Sultanate of Oman

90 MW Plant Capacity

Salalah Gas Turbines – LM 2500, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

Power Capacity - 22 MW
Contract Term – - From 1995 To 2001

Oman cement Co. Power Plant – Sultanate of Oman

Simple Cycle Gas Turbines
Power Capacity - 30 MW
Contract Term - From 1998 To 2003


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