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Bahwan International Properties Co

Bahwan International Properties LLC [BIPL] is a professional services organisation, under the umbrella of Suhail Bahwan Group, specializing in strategic real estate investments, facilities management, lease management, project development and research consulting. BIPL ensures value optimization of in-house real estate assets through prudent measures and a collaborative approach to identify suitable market opportunities.
With decades of experience in managing large-scale commercial and residential properties, BIPL offers integrated solutions to its clientele that not only ensures tenant retention but also results in efficient energy management, enhanced fire protection and safety as well as significant reduction in operating expenses. BIPL is in charge of FMS for the new Group headquarters in Al Qurum spanning 44,000 sq.m. and also all other commercial and residential properties owned by the Group across the Sultanate.
Backed up by seasoned professionals in management consulting, BIPL extends advisory services to commercial real estate project management firms in terms of operations and maintenance, occupancy planning, leasing, engineering and logistics. It also specializes in ‘snagging and rectification' before the building is handed over from the project management firm to the landlord or the tenant.
BIPL also boasts of a research wing that provides in-depth analysis of the region's property market to concerned stakeholders, which includes comprehensive data analysis, customized market studies, demographical trends, supply and demand forecasting, implementation of sustainability practices and commercial valuations.

  • Provides comprehensive Facilities Management Services to the Group's new headquarters in Al Qurum.

Bahwan International Properties LLC
Al Rawaq, Building No.: 10/1
Block 205, Plot 20, Way No.: 207,
Street 7, Al Qurum.
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 24650000
Fax: (+968) 24659799

P.O. Box 169, Postal Code 100,
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.